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District Compensation

Board members are not paid. 

The Secretary is paid $30 per meeting for the first 1 hour then $15.00 per half hour after that capped at $60 per meeting.

The Bookkeeper is paid $150 per month.

The Chief Water Operator has a contract for $300 per month, plus he gets paid $15.00 per hour for non-routine tasks and has a flat-rate schedule for specific tasks (such as installing a meter $50) plus mileage at the IRS mandated rate.

The General Manager is mostly volunteer, but does get paid for  managing the State Funded Projects at a rate of $25 per hour.

All other helpers are paid $12 per hour.

On October 8 2019 the ACWD board voted to pay employees prevailing wage for work on State Funded Projects. (As a government entity ACWD is exempt from paying its own employees prevaling wage)