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District Compensation

Board members are not paid. 

The Secretary is paid $30 per meeting for the first 1 hour then $15.00 per half hour after that capped at $60 per meeting.

The Bookkeeper is paid $200 per month plus $25 per hour for State Funded Projects or prevailing wage if applicable.

The Chief Water Operator has a contract for $300 per month, plus he gets paid $20.00 per hour for non-routine emergency and other repair work, plus mileage at the IRS mandated rate. He is paid prevailing wage for State Funded Projects.

The Water Distribution Operator is paid at an hourly rate of $1.00 over the current minimum wage plus prevailing wage for State Funded Projects.

The General Manager is mostly volunteer, she is paid a flat rate of $200 per year for completeing three reports that are required by the state plus $30 per hour for State Funded Projects and/or prevailing wage if applicable.

All other helpers are paid minimum wage.

On October 8 2019 the ACWD board voted to pay employees prevailing wage for work on State Funded Projects. (As a government entity ACWD is exempt from paying its own employees prevaling wage) This was also added to the job descriptions in 2023-24.