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Rae Bell Arbogast

Position: General Manager
Mailing Address:
PO Box 860, Alleghany, CA 95910

Rae Bell has been with ACWD since the year 2000 when she joined the board of directors. (President 2013 through 2016). GM since 2013 (see note).

She  provides administrative and accounting support to the Board of Directors and staff on a mostly volunteer basis. She prepares the district's annual budget and handles most of the compliance reporting.  She is the project manager for the district's State Funded Projects and maintains the district website.

She holds AA degrees in Business Administration and Accounting from Sierra College.


Note: The positions of President & General Manager were historically combined. In early 2017 Tobyn Merhmann stepped up to take the President's seat enabling a separation of duties. At that time Rae Bell gave up her board seat in order to retain the GM position. (Per State Law these two positions are incompatible.)