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Vertical Test Wells

Everybody agreed it would be great to have a vertical well right next to the water storage tank. But the test wells seemed doomed from the start. A second location on the Cumberland Spring property was also selected by the hydrogeologist who was contracted to select the test hole locations.

The ground proved to not be as anticipated (rather than hardrock they encountered a large gravel channel) The first hole at the tank collapsed just before it was to be cased, the second hole had to be abandoned because a part fell inside that could not be pulled back out. The third hole was sucessfully cased only to come up with poor water quality (high levels of naturally occuring arsenic and antimony) and inadequate output.

The test well at the Cumberland Property was almost lost due to ground support issues, but was finally cased. Both water production and water quality were not up to snuff.

The test wells were abandoned and the planning project went back to looking at how to improve the water quality at the Ram Spring.