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Water Quality Testing Schedule & Results

The Alleghany Water District is Regulated by the State Division of Drinking Water.

The District tests both the raw and finished water once a month for the presence of total bacteria and e. coli.

2023 Monthly Bacteria Tests2022 Monthly Bacteria Tests2021 Monthly Bacteria Tests.pdf2020 Monthly Bacteria Tests.pdf2019 Monthly Bacteria Tests.pdf

In addition to these two monthly tests, the district tests for over 70 different substances with a range of testing frequencies as required by State and Federal Drinking water standards. Test results are consistently good!

Less frequent test results are shown below.

Water testing schedule detailing chemicals, testing frequency, sample dates, due dates, and results for Allegheny County Water District.

The district also tests for lead and copper  inside five households every three years.  This test was done annually for many years with good results which allowed ACWD to apply for a waiver so that it only has to be done once every three years which saves both time and money. Most recent results linked below.

Lead and Copper 2020 and 2023Lead and Copper 2017 and 2020.pdf

Petroleum by-products fall under VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) The district tests for 27 different VOCs.  No test results for VOC's have ever come back above the allowable limits.  The most recent VOC results are linked below.

Volatile Organic Compounds VOCS